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Blue Coat WebThreat BLADE
Dynamic, Real-Time and Comprehensive Protection Against Web- and Email-Based Threats

Blue Coat WebThreat BLADE

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Blue Coat WebThreat BLADE
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WebThreat BLADEYour workforce is spending more and more time on the web—and so are cybercriminals. Right now, 85 percent of successful attacks originate from web-based traffic and applications., Additionally, advanced targeted attacks are commonly using social engineering techniques to deliver advanced malware into your organizations.

How will you protect your users from the full range of vulnerabilities so prevalent on the web today—without constraining their activities or their productivity? With the Blue Coat WebThreat BLADE.

Deployed on the Security Analytics Platform by Solera, the Blue Coat WebThreat BLADE provides you with real-time, comprehensive protection against web-based threats, so you can empower your workforce to access and use the resources they choose, whenever they like, with total confidence. The Blue Coat WebThreat BLADE delivers:

  • Extensive URL coverage to detect and report suspicious sites in more than 100 different categories
  • URL reputation to reflect all the latest phishing, proxy, and other malicious website threats
  • IP reputation to detect bots, phishing, denial of service (DoS), scanners, spam sources, and Windows exploits
  • Combines web threat intelligence with security analytics, complete security visibility and Blue Coat ThreatBLADES in a single user interface
  • Integration with the Security Analytics Platform by Solera for drill-down into full payload information and evidence of any threat or persistent attack

The Blue Coat WebThreat BLADE is an all-new software blade—powered by the WebPulse Collaborative Defense Cloud—that delivers comprehensive detection and protection against web- and email-based threats, APT command-and-control (CnC) call-backs, spear phishing attacks, botnets and more. The WebThreat BLADE incorporates IP and URL reputation and threat intelligence—as well as the dynamic indexing of all URLs into policy-based categories such as News, Sports, Business and more. And, leveraging the powerful WebPulse Collaborative Cloud allows the WebThreat BLADE to dynamically update the Solera Security Analytics Platform with the latest information on malicious websites and IP addresses.

The MalwareAnalysis BLADE works together with other Blue Coat ThreatBLADES, and is tightly integrated with the Solera Security Analytics Platform and Solera Central Manager for maximum efficiency, security visibility and contextual analysis on all network flows and web traffic. Enterprises get unrivaled protection against malicious web applications, through the combination of real-time threat intelligence feeds and the Solera Platform's ability to identify 100's of web-based applications.

Leveraging the WebPulse Collaborative Defense Cloud

The Blue Coat WebThreat BLADE works exclusively with the Security Analytics Platform and is powered by the Blue Coat WebPulse Collaborative Defense system, which performs real-time categorization and ratings of web URLs and content and provides background processes that hunt for evidence of malware and malicious content—based on intelligence aggregated from 75 million endpoints. The WebPulse ‘network effect’ provides unmatched visibility and intelligence to the WebThreat BLADE to protect against web- and email- based threats. This system delivers the most accurate categorization of any web security vendor: 99.9%.

The Challenge

IT departments are challenged with protecting their organizations from targeted threats coming from today's dynamic and ever-changing web-based traffic. Even with more restrictive and controlled access to the web, external websites continue to be a common source of advanced threats for enterprises of all sizes. The explosion of new, advanced web-based threats is due in large part to:

  • The explosion of social media and Web 2.0—including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • BYOD initiatives that allow corporate users to connect their own devices to the trusted network
  • Cyber criminals, hactivists and state-sponsored attackers who utilize advanced targeted attacks and social engineering techniques—including phishing, spear phishing and botnets
  • A growing security gap where even the largest, most fortified enterprises— using traditional, prevention-based tools—are still not immune to attacks
  • The use of and dependency on the Internet by today's organizations—where 85% of successful enterprise attacks now originate from web-based traffic

Recently, state-sponsored hackers used spear phishing techniques to target and compromise global media giants—gaining access to trusted networks and sensitive data. Now, the reality of this dynamic threat landscape—combined with the use of business-empowering technology and enterprise applications—is causing a shift in the reliance on traditional security technologies. Although perimeter preventionbased security controls remain necessary and critical, they alone are not enough in today's post-prevention world. Yet, organizations struggle to deploy modern solutions that complement existing, best-of-breed security investments—all while delivering the visibility, context and post-breach security that's needed to protect enterprises from unknown malware and advanced targeted attacks. IT Security teams lack dynamic, comprehensive and real-time threat intelligence and collaborative web- and IP-based reputation services for known and unknown webthreats.

The Solution

Blue Coat and Solera Networks are revolutionizing advanced threat protection by unifying big data security analytics, threat intelligence and security visibility. This Advanced Threat Protection Platform combines with the new Blue Coat ThreatBLADES—which deliver a host of extensible and fully integrated software blades on the industry-leading Solera Security Analytics Platform (formerly Solera DeepSee). Blue Coat ThreatBLADES provide dynamic, up-to-date threat intelligence on today's advanced persistent threats and targeted attacks. All of the powerful and flexible ThreatBLADES leverage a cloud-based threat intelligence infrastructure powered by the Blue Coat WebPulse Collaborative Defense Cloud—leveraging the collaborative 'network effect' of more than 75 million users and over 1 billion daily requests. Now, as part of the Blue Coat ThreatBLADES portfolio, the WebThreat BLADE delivers real-time threat intelligence for web-based threats that originate from malicious websites and IP addresses.

And, the collaborative threat intelligence provided by WebPulse and the Solera Security Analytics Platform delivers a comprehensive and up-to-the-minute view of the web-based malware ecosystem. Blue Coat WebThreat BLADE automatically works with other Blue Coat ThreatBLADES to perform more in-depth analysis on artifacts associated with suspicious web and email-based traffic.

Features & Benefits:

Key Features

  • Powered by Blue Coat WebPulse Collaborative Defense Cloud
  • Integrated with the Security Analytics Platform by Solera for full security visibility
  • Extensive URL coverage with over 100 distinct and dynamic categories
  • URL reputation on all of the latest known phishing, proxy and malicious websites
  • IP reputation to detect bots, phishing, DDoS, spam and Windows exploit sources
  • Single user interface combines web threat intelligence and security analytics
  • Built on the industry-leading Security Analytics Platform

Key Benefits

  • Collaborative threat intelligence layer leverages ‘network effect’ of 75 million users
  • Up-to-the-minute defense and inoculation against 0-day threats and targeted attacks
  • Accurate, real-time identification of new web sites and web-based applications
  • Comprehensive detection and protection against all web-related threats
  • Dynamic URL indexing—news, sports, business, more—provides policy-based web control
  • Unified management delivered in a single pane-of-glass
  • Flexible and extensible software blade eliminates CapEx costs


Software Specifications
Form Factor Software blade
Supported Sensors Security Analytics Appliances, Security Analytics Software and Security Analytics Virtual Appliance
Deployment Options Al-a-carte or as part of the Blue Coat Advanced Threat Protection Suite
URL Categorization 100+ categories
Web Applications 100s of application categories (standard, part of the Security Analytics Platform)
Actions & Alerts Real-time alerts based on IP and URL reputation
User Interface Integrated into Security Analytics Dashboard
Central Management Security Analytics Central Manager


Download the Blue Coat WebThreat BLADE Datasheet (PDF).

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Blue Coat WebThreat BLADE
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