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Business - Voice and Video
Deliver high-quality voice and video applications across your enterprise

As companies increasingly converge voice, video and data applications onto a single network, they can take advantage of collaboration tools and applications that help increase productivity and business agility while driving down operating costs. However, the heavy traffic load on converged networks can create WAN congestion that degrades the quality of latency-sensitive applications like VoIP and video. What's the key to realizing the cost savings and productivity gains of network convergence without sacrificing application performance?

The Blue Coat Application Delivery Network (ADN) can help IT organizations like yours efficiently manage converged voice and video networks. With the Application Delivery Network, you can build a comprehensive network infrastructure that helps identify and prioritize all the traffic on your network, optimize VoIP, video and other business-critical applications and stop malicious attacks at the Web gateway. Learn how the Application Delivery Network can help you manage and optimize your specific deployments.

VoIP Optimization:

Improve voice quality with greater network visibility

VoIP quality is extremely sensitive to latency, jitter and packet loss — critical performance issues resulting from too many applications competing for too little bandwidth. Without adequate visibility and control over network traffic and bandwidth consumption, voice and video quality can suffer dramatically, particularly over constrained WAN links. VoIP optimization requires complete visibility into all your network traffic so you can identify bandwidth usage trends among users and applications, allocate existing bandwidth to optimize your VoIP deployment, control the impact of new voice traffic on your existing applications and plan for future VoIP deployments.

Application Delivery Networks give you intelligent network control

The Blue Coat Application Delivery Network (ADN) provides the insight you need to prevent network delays that can impact VoIP calls. With Blue Coat, you can establish and enforce service levels for quality and availability, and resolve network problems before they impact end users. Our Application Delivery Network infrastructure enables you to:

  • See everything running on the network
  • Track and measure bandwidth consumption for each application
  • Compile VoIP-specific statistics on issues such as latency, jitter, loss, MOS and rFactor
  • Ensure voice and video quality by allocating the bandwidth needed for each session
  • Control bandwidth-hungry applications, including recreational traffic, that commonly interfere with VoIP calls

Blue Coat products for VoIP deployments include:

  • Blue Coat PacketShaper helps IT ensure successful VoIP deployments by identifying, monitoring, and controlling performance for VoIP and all other applications on the network
  • Blue Coat IntelligenceCenter is central management software that collects, correlates, and reports on VoIP performance data across multiple PacketShaper devices
  • Blue Coat PolicyCenter provides central provisioning of VoIP policy configurations for large PacketShaper deployments

Video Conferencing:

Contain costs while delivering reliable, outstanding quality

Videoconferencing can help businesses save thousands of dollars by eliminating the high costs of airfare, hotel and other employee travel expenses. At the same time, videoconferencing improves productivity by facilitating greater real-time collaboration across locations. However, successful videoconferencing depends on maintaining reliable audio and video quality for every session. Performance problems such as out-of-synch voice and video can quickly derail an otherwise productive meeting.

Many enterprises rely on expensive, dedicated videoconferencing connections or move to a more affordable converged network. However, while convergence can reduce costs, video and VoIP are forced to compete for bandwidth against other network applications. To deliver a reliable videoconferencing experience, you have to manage and prioritize bandwidth across your entire enterprise.

Application Delivery Networks: The cost-effective approach to outstanding video performance

The Blue Coat Application Delivery Network (ADN) specifically optimizes videoconferencing sessions by alleviating chronic network congestion, jitter and packet loss that diminish video quality at the LAN/WAN boundary. Using the Blue Coat Application Delivery Network infrastructure, you can monitor performance and set bandwidth levels to ensure videoconferences progress flawlessly over existing networks — providing an experience that rivals in-person interaction.

With an Application Delivery Networkinfrastructure, you can:

  • Measure the quality of videoconferencing applications
  • Enforce QoS for videoconferencing sessions
  • Isolate and resolve network issues before they impact performance
  • Maintain intelligent control over your entire network

Blue Coat products for videoconferencing deployments include:

  • Blue Coat PacketShaper helps IT ensure networks are Videoconferencing-ready by monitoring and controlling applications to ensure business videoconferencing performance is not impacted by other network traffic
  • Blue Coat IntelligenceCenter is central management software that collects, correlates, and reports on Videoconferencing performance data across multiple PacketShaper devices
  • Blue Coat PolicyCenter provides central provisioning of Videoconferencing policy configurations for large PacketShaper deployments

Streaming Media:

Make it work for your business

Streaming media applications are both a curse and a blessing for business. On the positive side, you can quickly and cost-effectively distribute corporate communication across your enterprise. On other hand, YouTube, viral videos and other recreational apps can consume tremendous amounts of bandwidth and diminish business application performance. To maximize the benefits of streaming media, and minimize the cost and risk of recreational use, you have to intelligently control everything on your network.

To optimize on-demand video for business value, you need to differentiate between business and recreational content, control bandwidth-hungry, recreational applications, support live video broadcasts over your existing network and enforce corporate policies for network access and use. In short, you need to see, accelerate and secure all your critical applications.

Application Delivery Networks: Optimize the flow of streaming media

The Blue Coat Application Delivery Network (ADN) enables business-driven streaming media by giving you detailed visibility over all your internal, external and real-time applications so you can identify and control unauthorized network traffic such as online ads, inappropriate surfing, P2P, Skype, malware and other applications. By applying the right mix of acceleration capabilities such as bandwidth management, stream-splitting, protocol optimization, and byte caching, you can save bandwidth and reduce WAN congestion.

The Application Delivery Network infrastructure provides a fully optimized, cost-effective network that enables you to:

  • Deliver outstanding performance for streaming audio, video and other rich media applications
  • Provide LAN-like application performance to remote users and branch offices
  • Isolate and resolve performance problems using 120 measurable statistics and powerful diagnostics tools
  • Dynamically adjust policy to respond to changing traffic conditions, eliminating the need for manual intervention
  • Automatically detect business-driven applications and allocate the bandwidth needed to guarantee consistent performance

Blue Coat products for streaming media deployments include:

  • Blue Coat PacketShaper helps IT by identifying, monitoring, and controlling streaming media and all other applications on the network
  • Blue Coat ProxySG enforces acceptable use policies and employs transparent stream splitting to improve performance and reduce network utilization for streaming media