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Blue Coat Global Intelligence Network
Comprehensive threat intelligence.


The Blue Coat Global Intelligence Network integrates information from our customers, products, and Blue Coat Labs to keep you a step ahead of fast-changing security threats. It applies advanced sandboxing techniques and analytics to identify, categorize, and block threats, so you can continuously strengthen your defenses.

Intelligence Services: immediate, tailored protection

Blue Coat Intelligence Services harness the content classification and threat blocking capabilities of the Global Intelligence Network to provide instant protection against existing and emerging threats. They combine threat research from Blue Coat Labs with intelligence from our ProxySG secure web gateway (SWG) and Advanced Threat Defense solutions—deployed within 15,000 global enterprise customers—to classify global content and block known and emerging threats. Subscriptions are available for specific Blue Coat products, allowing you to tailor the services for your specific requirements.

The Global Intelligence Network delivers:

Our Global Intelligence Network is managed by Blue Coat Labs, an industry-leading cybercrime and advanced-threat research team. The group includes WebPulse researchers, the people and technologies of Norman Shark (malware sandboxing), and experts from Solera security analytics.

Daily, our Global Intelligence Network cloud employs more than 200 engines, including those dedicated to sandboxing and advanced analytics, for identifying new mass-market and targeted threats. We integrate the intelligence from our Secure Web Gateway and Advanced Threat Defense products—deployed at customer sites—to continuously identify new threats.

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Blue Coat Global Intelligence Network
Blue Coat Global Intelligence Network
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