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Technology - Application Performance Monitoring
Keep your network and users up to speed

Distributed enterprises are spending more of their IT budgets just to keep business applications up and running. In parallel the proliferation harmful or non-essential apps — from banner ads to P2P applications — continues to escalate and consume bandwidth, so incremental network and bandwidth upgrades don't always solve performance issues. To clearly see and control what applications are consuming your bandwidth, you need intelligent visibility across your extended network.

Blue Coat Application Performance Monitoring technologies are designed to help you discover, classify and prioritize applications, content and user access in real time, including business-critical content, malware and recreational traffic such as iTunes, YouTube and IM. With granular application visibility, you can:

Discover, classify and prioritize applications, content and user access

Blue Coat provides detailed insight into all your applications by leveraging the most advanced Layer 7+ technologies. These technologies include features that help you identify and control even the most evasive applications, including those that port-hop. You can even sub-classify key enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle and Citrix to better focus on business processes.

With this detailed data, you can classify and prioritize traffic to ensure your critical applications are always available and delivered as expected. You can also monitor other factors that impact the user experience, such as network and server delays, so you can get your applications back up to speed quickly.

Blue Coat Application Performance Monitoring products include: