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Blue Coat BlueTouch Support

BlueTouch Service Options are a comprehensive set of service plans designed to meet your needs. All service options include the following:

*Optional onsite technician to install the replacement hardware at your location (available on selected packages)

Description of Service Warranty Service Option Packages
90 Day SW & HW Warranty 1 Year Hardware Warranty Standard Standard Plus Advanced Premium Premium Plus
Technical Support Online Web Support  
24x7 Phone Support  
Software Updates Minor & Maintenance OS Software Updates  
Major OS Software Releases    
Hardware 4 hour arrival, 7 days a week            
4 hour arrival during regular business hours            
Next business day arrival            
Same day shipment            
Warranty replacement            
10 day return to factory for replacement          
Tech Onsite Technician
Blue Coat technician installs replacement hardware
        Optional Optional Optional

Read the BlueTouch Service Option Data Sheets for more details about each of our service options.

Download the Blue Coat Standard Service Datasheet (PDF).

Download the Blue Coat Standard Plus Service Datasheet (PDF).

Download the Blue Coat Advanced Service Datasheet (PDF).

Download the Blue Coat Premium Service Datasheet (PDF).

Download the Blue Coat Premium Plus Service Datasheet (PDF).

Note: BlueTouch Service Options are only available for products placed on the market after July, 2006. Products placed on the market prior to July 2006 will continue to use Gold and Platinum service plans. For information about the Gold and Platinum service plans please read the following data sheets:

Download the Blue Coat Gold Service Datasheet (PDF).

Download the Blue Coat Platinum Service Datasheet (PDF).

BlueTouch Service Options Eligible Products:

Eligible Products Non-Eligible Products(Legacy)
  • SG200
  • SG300
  • SG210
  • SG510
  • SG600
  • SG810
  • SG900
  • SG8100
  • SG9000
  • AV510
  • AV810
  • Director 510
  • Reporter (EE)
(these products are end-of-life on 11/09)
  • SG400s
  • AV400s
  • SG800s
  • AV2000s
  • SG8000s
  • Director 800
  • RA Products
  • NetCache