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Technology - WAN Optimization
Accelerate business applications, improve user productivity and reduce bandwidth costs

How can you accelerate critical business applications without constantly adding expensive bandwidth upgrades? Two words: WAN Optimization.

Blue Coat WAN Optimization technologies enable you to accelerate the delivery of internal, external and latency-sensitive real-time applications to distributed users across the extended enterprise – resulting in faster decision making and enhanced competitiveness. The Blue Coat Application Delivery Network (ADN) infrastructure provides the comprehensive application and user control required to contain network bandwidth costs and enhance business productivity, while providing the flexibility to align network investments with changing business requirements.

Accelerate internal, external and real-time applications

Blue Coat accelerates your critical applications by optimizing traffic, conserving bandwidth and metering or blocking recreational applications. External applications specifically benefit from industry-leading HTTP protocol optimizations and caching, along with the industry's most advanced SSL/TLS acceleration.

With Blue Coat, you can identify and control unauthorized network traffic such as online ads, inappropriate web surfing, Web-borne malware and customer-designated applications. As a result, our WAN Optimization solutions help you:

Blue Coat WAN Optimization products include: