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Get real-time security that's effective, not reactive.

Web security threats are seemingly endless. But of all the malicious schemes today, the dynamic web link is one of the most powerful tools for cybercrime and web threat delivery. Malware engineers have learned how to use dynamic web links to bypass traditional reputation filters and commonly blocked web categories. So if your business still relies on AV update cycles to prevent real-time malware attacks, it’s time to revisit your security strategy.

While existing AV solutions can effectively protect against known threats, only a real-time web defense can block threats from dynamic web links. That’s why Blue Coat combines web filtering and DLP solutions with a cloud-based community web defense that unites millions of users and analyzes real-time ratings of dynamic links and unrated content.

Why walk through the woods alone at night when you can have over 70 million people with you? Find out how Blue Coat Web Security solutions help you: