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Blue Coat Mobile Device Security (MDS) Service
Enterprise-Grade Security for Mobile Devices


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Blue Coat Mobile Device Security:

Fast Growth Companies Empower Employees with Technology FreedomThe Blue Coat Mobile Device Security service (MDS) extends the same industry-leading threat protection and policy controls available on Blue Coat on-premise and virtual appliances to mobile device users wherever they are located.  With network-based granular application controls and accurate web filtering, backed by WebPulse and the industry’s only Negative Day Defense, the MDS service allows you to deliver the access users want and assure the security businesses need. The result is a much more flexible, low-touch approach to securing mobile devices.

The MDS service is part of the Blue Coat Cloud Service, a global infrastructure that provides a network-based approach for protecting and controlling mobile devices both on and off the corporate network.

Unlike device-level solutions that simply block entire applications on personal devices, the MDS service allows you to enable mobile devices by applying application and operational controls across both native mobile and mobile browser applications. With network-based granular application controls and web filtering, the MDS service allows you to deliver the access users want and assure the security businesses need. The result is a much more flexible, low-touch approach to securing mobile devices.

Mobility and BYOD trends, coupled with new operating systems for mobile tablets and phones, have created significant security risks for companies everywhere. Inadvertent data loss through uncontrolled mobile apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, pose a real and serious threat to both individual and corporate security. Because existing security solutions lack adequate control over operations within both native and mobile browser-accessed applications, users and critical data are almost totally unprotected on mobile devices.

The Blue Coat Mobile Device Security (MDS) service helps organizations protect their networks from data loss and malware attacks and enforce acceptable use policies using a network-based approach. The MDS service applies robust policy controls regardless of the device used or where it is located, either on or off the corporate network, and does so with the very low-touch of a cloud service.

The MDS service extends global threat protection, universal policy and unified reporting to mobile devices with capabilities such as:

  • Accurate web filtering and malware protection
  • Inline anti-virus scanning
  • Granular application and operation controls
  • Real-time unified reporting
  • Enterprise-grade encrypted connection methods


Securing Mobile Devices

Web threats are device-agnostic making them dangerous and extensible to all types of devices. To protect against web threats, the MDS service ensures that all mobile device web traffic, including native and mobile web applications, is routed through a secure, encrypted VPN tunnel to the MDS service. The service uses Blue Coat WebFilter technology, powered by the WebPulse™ collaborative defense, to scan all transmissions, including encrypted traffic. WebPulse powers the Blue Coat Unified Security solution with real-time rating of new content, identification of new applications and deployment of new defenses across the WebPulse global infrastructure. More importantly, WebPulse protects Blue Coat customers from attacks before they launch with the industry's only Negative Day Defense. By identifying and blocking malnets, the infrastructures used to launch new malware attacks, WebPulse proactively stops attacks by blocking malware at the source.

Application and Operations Controls

Mobile devices access applications through mobile browsers and native mobile applications. Both require the web to communicate, but in different ways. To help organizations manage these different security requirements, the MDS service allows defined policies to be consistently enforced across web, mobile web and native mobile applications.

Many applications use both the mobile web browser and the native app environment. While this approach delivers the best user experience, applying universal policy controls presents a challenge. Most mobile security solutions simply allow or deny entire applications, which can frustrate end users who may use unsanctioned applications for legitimate business purposes. By contrast, the MDS service allows administrators to control all three applications – browser, mobile browser and native – with a consistent policy across any type of device or network, anywhere in the world.

Enterprise-Grade Security Network

The MDS service leverages the enterprisegrade network behind the Blue Coat Cloud Service. This network is comprised of SSAE16/ISO27001 certified data centers located around the world. These data centers host Blue Coat data Points of Delivery (PODs), which are connected via multiple Tier 1 bandwidth providers. The MDS service is rated by CAIDA as a true Internet network and is fully meshed, which guarantees availability to enterprise users with a 99.999% SLA. This ensures guaranteed access and performance to mobile users, globally.

Unified Security Solution Framework

Blue Coat provides the industry's only Unified Security solution that delivers the same policy and protection infrastructure across on-premise appliances, virtual appliances and cloud service to ensure truly seamless, universal web security and control for all users, on any network or device.

The MDS service extends to mobile devices the same threat protection and policy flexibility used by on-premise Blue Coat ProxySG appliances or SWG Virtual Appliances at corporate office locations, enabling policies to consistently follow mobile devices across any network. It also provides contextual, granular controls through a robust framework that intelligently applies policies based on user, device, location and applications and content. In addition, granular Unified Reporting is available both via the Hosted Reporting Service or on-premises reporting to provide a single pane of glass view of all user traffic across the enterprise.

Global Support Resources

As part of the Blue Coat Cloud Service, the MDS service is fully supported through a global network of Support Centers staffed by experienced and certified engineers. Your security administrator can rest assured that engineers stand ready 24/7, by phone or online, to rapidly respond to any support issues. Your Cloud Service subscription includes access to the BlueTouch Online (BTO) support portal where you can manage your support cases, download the latest software updates or review technical guides and documents. Blue Coat also offers Professional Services to help you design, plan and deploy the Mobile Device Security service in your unique environment.


Mobile Device Security (MDS) Service Deployment


Connection Methods
Mobile Device Connector
Operating Systems iOS v5 and v6
IPSec VPN connection from device to Blue Coat Mobile Device Security service*
Supported Authentication Services
Active Directory
Operating Systems
  • Windows 2003 SP2 or later
  • Windows 2008 SP2 or later
Minimum Hardware Requirements
  • Must meet minimum hardware requirements for Windows 2003 SP2 and later
  • X86 or x86-64 compatible processor
  • 100MB of available hard disk space for software installation and logging
  • High speed internet connection

*For additional connection methods, refer to the Web Security Service datasheet.

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